Construction and Asphalt Insight

More than meets the eye


Something about construction that people don’t quite realize is that behind the scenes, there is just as much going on as there is at the building site. Planning, drawing prints, and giving people the necessary tools and zoning permits in order to do the actual building is something that I take seriously and something that most people do not quite understand.

That said, it is the people that do the building that are the heroes of the construction industry. The back end people do the heavy paper lifting, but the people up front are the ones that do the heavy lifting on the ground. In order to get the job done correctly, both sides must be working together with the utmost efficiency.

A new way to look at construction

I have noticed that talking to my peers and other construction professionals that these two things are so closely related that it is almost amazing. The back end is where the minds are at work, but the minds of the workers need to be on the same page in order for the project to work. I have been lucky enough to find professionals that understand both sides of the coin, and therefore have had success in the industry.

Our company knows that in order to get the job done, we need to have both sides line up perfectly. We pride ourselves on knowing how to do this and line up the front and back end construction zones with the utmost of efficiency.

Modern marvels


Construction is something that many people notice, but may not fully appreciate. Think about the world historically and see the buildings that surround us today. Think about how much work was put into building these masterpieces and how difficult they must be to maintain. There is something amazing about how we as humans have changed the world, and that we need to not only appreciate the work that has been done, but find out how to maintain it and keep the planet healthy.

From driveway pavers to the people that build large skyscrapers, the world would not be the same without modern construction, and it is something that we often take for granted. As someone that has been in the business, I know how difficult it is to build something, and know that without the skilled laborers and planners we have, the world we be a much different place.

The future

In the future we must continue to appreciate these accomplishments but realize that our infrastructure must be repaired and maintained. In addition, we must realize that the use of fossil fuels with which we used to build these marvels must be discarded for more energy efficient uses. There is nothing that we can do about what has been built but marvel at its beauty and realize that we must do something different in the future to continue to grow as a species.

The next time you look at a building, think of the time and effort it took to build it and about our future. We have the power to change how things are done and we must do so before our planet dies. Part of being a good construction worker is being able to adapt to the world and continue to make it a better place.

The future of construction


There is no doubt that we have come a long way in terms of how we have helped shaped the world. I mean not only as humans but as construction workers. We have built monuments that are a testament to our creativity and innovation, but there comes a time when our methods need to be changed in order to preserve the world for future generations.

We worked with what we had and built these monuments, but now we must move toward forms of more efficient energy in order to reduce the effects of climate change. Cleaner fuels and materials must be developed in order to keep the world safe while not only building new buildings, but maintaining our old ones.

The future depends on us

In order to make sure that the world is safe for future inhabitants, we must realize that the era of fossil fuel is over. Not only are they becoming more and more expensive, but they are known to damage the ozone and are the number one contributor to climate change. The time for innovation is now, we have proven time and time again that we have what it takes to keep moving forward, and there is no better time than the present.

Hopefully, with the right minds at work we can lead the fight against global climate change. Our children and our children’s children depend on our ability to adopt to the changing environment and understand that there are things we can do to influence the future.

Getting from point A to point B


Construction is much more than just a collection of people building things, it is a collective of like minded individuals working together not only to complete the project, but make sure that it stays safe for years to come. This includes everything you can think of, from picking the right kind of metal and wood for the construction knowing how these things will factor in when harsh weather comes.

Take something as simple as an asphalt driveway. Most people have either concrete or asphalt driveways, but did you ever stop to think why? What advantages and disadvantages do these two types of materials have and why would people choose one or the other? These are questions that construction workers and planners answer every day so that people can simply enjoy the final project.

So much more

Goes into the construction planning process than people can even fathom. From the back office to the front lines, each team member must be coordinated and not only understand what they are building, but why they are building it and why each decision was the right one for everyone involved. Of course they do not always go smoothly, but the best construction projects in the world are a testament to the possibility of it being done right.

The next time you look at a driveway, look at it as more than a driveway, but rather a project of construction that took a great deal of planning and thought so that the people using and looking at the driveway did not have to put so much thought into why. The true beauty of construction is to be able to hide the work that goes into the project in order to show people that the finished product is a labor of love that took more planning than you might think.

Parts of construction


There is much more to construction than meets the eye. Many people think it is just one company that goes in there and builds everything as well as drawing out the plans for the project. Of course this is not true, you in fact have multiple entities working together on the project and the teams must be coordinated in order for the project to get done correctly. You have people in charge of metal structuring, landscaping, and even asphalt repair that must be working in perfect harmony in order for the project to meet success.

Perhaps what is most appealing about working in construction is being able to see all of these moving parts at work and seeing how well people can coordinate when there is something important on the line. People will seldom put their goals aside for the betterment of the project, which works well for not only the structure being built, but for each of the companies as well.

What is truly amazing

Is how much people need to realize that construction is something that is not done overnight. That in order for these teams to work so closely together, that it must be realized that cooperation is above all else. From the first blueprints to the finished product, both back end and front end coordination must be at its best. Having been in the business for as long as I have, you begin to see what humans can accomplish when they work together. When the put the greater good above their individual needs.

The next time you see a construction project, think about just how much effort and coordination it takes to achieve it. That each individual cog in the wheel must know its place and that its independent success is crucial to the success of the other moving pieces.

Admiring progress


As humans, we sometimes do not feel as though we have time to simply sit back and exist. We live in such a hectic world that time to ourselves seems like something that can only be obtained through vacation time, and even then it is something that we feel guilty about. However, it is this hard working mentality that has made us the remarkable beings that we are.

Think for a minute as little as a hundred years ago. Humans were nowhere near as technologically advanced as we are today. Even typing this article, it is astounding how much different it would be to get this information out as little as ten years ago. We are moving at such a fast pace that it is almost difficult for us to keep up with ourselves.

Extending beyond

Beyond the overall advancement of humans, as someone that has worked in construction, I can tell you that the marvels we build today are different than they were as little as 10 years ago. Not only that, the industry must keep up with the breakneck speed of the rest of the world, so we have also been forced to innovate the way we do things.

Put this together and what you have is a piece of a puzzle that is humans trying to figure out and master their world. Through technological advancements and cooperation, we have reached brave new heights that are almost difficult to believe, let alone difficult to believe that it was our doing.

Working together


What I have learned from my years in construction is that working together is key. When people see construction, they assume that each individual is responsible for their own job and that there is little cohesion between the units. In reality, it takes a village to build a single building and the front and back end must be working together in perfect harmony.

In order to achieve excellence, we must realize that every project involves something larger than our individual self. The best part about construction is that many of the people involved know the importance of working together and seeing the bigger picture. From conception to finished product, no matter the size of the project, coordination is key.

Continuing the harmony

Let’s face it, we as humans cannot navigate this world on our own. It is something that is inherent with being a social being and oftentimes we fall short in working together in order to achieve excellence. After twenty years in the industry, it has become clear to me that not only must we continue our working together in order to achieve, but must do even better in order to continue forward progress.

Call it skill, call it luck, call it knowledge, but it is an amazing feat to bring construction in the future. Whether you know the amount of work that goes into a construction project or not, it is undeniable that construction is truly a feat of human cooperation and a sign of what we can do when we work together.

Constructional advancements


As someone who has been in construction for quite some time, I can tell you that there is a great deal that goes into how one perceives the world of construction. In that, I mean that some people believe that construction has always been where it is, and others, such as myself that believe that it still has a long way to go.

In order to appreciate construction as a profession, it is important to remember that as technology progresses, so does the construction industry itself. When I first started, I was able to see a sharp increase in the efficiency of the discipline, and notice that changes were happening more rapidly than I could possibly keep track of.

Putting it all together

We sort of live in a golden age wherein construction is receiving the rapid advancements of many different industries. Now it may not be as cutting edge as medical technology, but there have been great strides toward efficiency in the construction field as well. From upgrades in equipment to a better method of planning, construction continues to reap the benefits of forward thought.

The fact is that construction continues to grow at an exponential pace, giving the people to work together to build a better and brighter future. The front and back end work of construction is equally important, and together we can make sure that both of these elements are handled in a professional error free manner that both customers and company can be proud of.

The front lines


In a previous post I talked a lot about how the back end work of construction may be the future of the industry, and looking back, I realize that I was not giving enough credit to those that are in the trenches doing the actual building and how important they are to the industry as a whole. As someone that spent most of their life doing this, I feel as though it is a disservice.

The front lines are the people that are out there every day making sure that the buildings that we inhabit are safe for everyone. The skill required not only to follow the plans correctly, but stay safe on the job and create a safe environment for everyone cannot be understated.

The future of construction

The real future of construction is the ability to balance the front and back, the offices and the trenches in such a way that each project can be done with the utmost of professionalism and razor sharp attention to detail. Going forward, construction needs to become more a two-part process where front and back end duties line up in order to create an equilibrium.

Giving credit to the men and women that make the building of the amazing structures that we create is something that I am proud to do and have experience in knowing how much work goes into the actual building process. As time goes on, we must realize that the jobs that these people hold cannot be replaced.

Behind the scenes construction


Planning, it is something that everyone knows has to happen during every construction project, but many people do not know exactly how much planning actually goes into any specific project. Having been on the front lines for a number of years, I became very familiar with the steps involved with the actual building, but knew very little about what went on behind the scenes.

Fast forward to a few years later, an injury made me unable to work on the building aspect, so I was given an office job at the same company. It was here that I learned to appreciate the planning involved with even the smallest construction project. From conception to planning, it was very eye opening to say the least.

The future of construction

The future of construction is a world where builders are plenty, but planning is not. The online world has made it more important to plan effectively, and given the limited amount of space left for development, the planning must be done with more efficiency. As someone that always thought plan roughly and build thoroughly, I have found this to no longer be the case.

Planning is now more important than ever, and I just wanted to share this with future construction workers and planners. Make sure your plan is sound before breaking ground, and show the world that planning is the future of construction. Without taking away from builders, I simply wanted to show people that planning should take priority now and in the future.