The front lines


In a previous post I talked a lot about how the back end work of construction may be the future of the industry, and looking back, I realize that I was not giving enough credit to those that are in the trenches doing the actual building and how important they are to the industry as a whole. As someone that spent most of their life doing this, I feel as though it is a disservice.

The front lines are the people that are out there every day making sure that the buildings that we inhabit are safe for everyone. The skill required not only to follow the plans correctly, but stay safe on the job and create a safe environment for everyone cannot be understated.

The future of construction

The real future of construction is the ability to balance the front and back, the offices and the trenches in such a way that each project can be done with the utmost of professionalism and razor sharp attention to detail. Going forward, construction needs to become more a two-part process where front and back end duties line up in order to create an equilibrium.

Giving credit to the men and women that make the building of the amazing structures that we create is something that I am proud to do and have experience in knowing how much work goes into the actual building process. As time goes on, we must realize that the jobs that these people hold cannot be replaced.

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