Working together


What I have learned from my years in construction is that working together is key. When people see construction, they assume that each individual is responsible for their own job and that there is little cohesion between the units. In reality, it takes a village to build a single building and the front and back end must be working together in perfect harmony.

In order to achieve excellence, we must realize that every project involves something larger than our individual self. The best part about construction is that many of the people involved know the importance of working together and seeing the bigger picture. From conception to finished product, no matter the size of the project, coordination is key.

Continuing the harmony

Let’s face it, we as humans cannot navigate this world on our own. It is something that is inherent with being a social being and oftentimes we fall short in working together in order to achieve excellence. After twenty years in the industry, it has become clear to me that not only must we continue our working together in order to achieve, but must do even better in order to continue forward progress.

Call it skill, call it luck, call it knowledge, but it is an amazing feat to bring construction in the future. Whether you know the amount of work that goes into a construction project or not, it is undeniable that construction is truly a feat of human cooperation and a sign of what we can do when we work together.

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