Admiring progress


As humans, we sometimes do not feel as though we have time to simply sit back and exist. We live in such a hectic world that time to ourselves seems like something that can only be obtained through vacation time, and even then it is something that we feel guilty about. However, it is this hard working mentality that has made us the remarkable beings that we are.

Think for a minute as little as a hundred years ago. Humans were nowhere near as technologically advanced as we are today. Even typing this article, it is astounding how much different it would be to get this information out as little as ten years ago. We are moving at such a fast pace that it is almost difficult for us to keep up with ourselves.

Extending beyond

Beyond the overall advancement of humans, as someone that has worked in construction, I can tell you that the marvels we build today are different than they were as little as 10 years ago. Not only that, the industry must keep up with the breakneck speed of the rest of the world, so we have also been forced to innovate the way we do things.

Put this together and what you have is a piece of a puzzle that is humans trying to figure out and master their world. Through technological advancements and cooperation, we have reached brave new heights that are almost difficult to believe, let alone difficult to believe that it was our doing.

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