Getting from point A to point B


Construction is much more than just a collection of people building things, it is a collective of like minded individuals working together not only to complete the project, but make sure that it stays safe for years to come. This includes everything you can think of, from picking the right kind of metal and wood for the construction knowing how these things will factor in when harsh weather comes.

Take something as simple as an asphalt driveway. Most people have either concrete or asphalt driveways, but did you ever stop to think why? What advantages and disadvantages do these two types of materials have and why would people choose one or the other? These are questions that construction workers and planners answer every day so that people can simply enjoy the final project.

So much more

Goes into the construction planning process than people can even fathom. From the back office to the front lines, each team member must be coordinated and not only understand what they are building, but why they are building it and why each decision was the right one for everyone involved. Of course they do not always go smoothly, but the best construction projects in the world are a testament to the possibility of it being done right.

The next time you look at a driveway, look at it as more than a driveway, but rather a project of construction that took a great deal of planning and thought so that the people using and looking at the driveway did not have to put so much thought into why. The true beauty of construction is to be able to hide the work that goes into the project in order to show people that the finished product is a labor of love that took more planning than you might think.

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