Modern marvels


Construction is something that many people notice, but may not fully appreciate. Think about the world historically and see the buildings that surround us today. Think about how much work was put into building these masterpieces and how difficult they must be to maintain. There is something amazing about how we as humans have changed the world, and that we need to not only appreciate the work that has been done, but find out how to maintain it and keep the planet healthy.

From driveway pavers to the people that build large skyscrapers, the world would not be the same without modern construction, and it is something that we often take for granted. As someone that has been in the business, I know how difficult it is to build something, and know that without the skilled laborers and planners we have, the world we be a much different place.

The future

In the future we must continue to appreciate these accomplishments but realize that our infrastructure must be repaired and maintained. In addition, we must realize that the use of fossil fuels with which we used to build these marvels must be discarded for more energy efficient uses. There is nothing that we can do about what has been built but marvel at its beauty and realize that we must do something different in the future to continue to grow as a species.

The next time you look at a building, think of the time and effort it took to build it and about our future. We have the power to change how things are done and we must do so before our planet dies. Part of being a good construction worker is being able to adapt to the world and continue to make it a better place.

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