The scary transition


There comes a time when every business needs to think about where it is at and where it will be in the future. For us, we had been in the construction business for more than 20 yeas and have reached the top of our game. So we though what is the next logical step in being a company and the next logical step in improving our skills.

What we learned was that the answer is almost always obvious. Our customers were long giving us the ability to work closely with them to get feedback, and a lot of them were clamoring for us to become a moving company. We had most of the equipment needed to do that so we thought that we would give it a try. We though that we were almost already there so what is the harm.

Our customers were right

As they always are, customers were right in persuading us to move toward moving. It was something that we were not sure of at first, but once we got thinking, it made more and more sense. We had the trucks, we had the tools and we had an experienced staff that knew how to move things so we did our best to serve our customers. Customers know what they want and they can be crucial in helping a business take the next step and moving toward the future.

When making a transition in business, the process can be scary but it is all about thinking about the future. About the best way to utilize your skills and the best way to move your business forward. We believe that any business can make a transition as long as they have the support of their customers and the people that they are learning the new trade from.

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