A light in the darkness


We have long talked about how difficult it is to excel in an industry when it is stagnating. Construction is something that we have always done and something that we have become very good at. However, we have found that the industry is sort of relying on technology rather than thinking of ways to enhance its practices to better serve the customers.

Instead of wallowing in that, we have made attempts to enhance the industry and also branch out to other industries in ways that will help us improve our original discipline. In essence, getting advice from moving companies and getting into that game has given us insight on how to deal with construction and bring it to the next level, while also offering affordable moving services.

Applying what we have learned

We were given the gift of being great at construction which also gave us a leg up in the moving business. The two are very connected in that you need good spacial reasoning and need to know how things fit together. You also have to know what customers want and the best way to give them that. Customers are the backbone of any company and in order to truly snowball your business, you need to listen to them very closely. Only then will you reach the next level of business.

These things and the advice of companies close to us made us a natural fit for the business, but that did not mean that there were not growing pains. The best advice we can give to companies that are trying to transition is to stay vigilant and do not be scared of the unknown. In addition, listen to the people around you mainly customers and other people in the industry in order to get an objective view on how the transition is going.

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