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Question: what is the maximum allowable of chloride concentration, temp, ph & O2 content versus 316 & 314 stainsteel

Answer: This is not an easy issue 'cause the behaviour of SS in environments with chlorides depends on many factors and every case should be carefully studied as a separate case.
There are several general guidelines that define the "safe" limits of application of Stainless Steel in Brine andSeawater.

Usually the limit for SS 316 in brackish water with chloride is 500-1000 ppm of Cl- while is around 200pmm for SS 304 in fully oxygenated water (around 5-10 ppm of O2). This is a
general guidelines and one of the reference is this report from NIDI (Nickel Development Institute)

Corrosion in Water Seawater Saline Water Materials (11004)

Stainless Steel has been used also in seawater application with success but several factors influence the corrosion behaviour of SS like flow velocity, water chemistry as you
can see in this report:


Regarding the application in Oxygen free environments you can find some guidelines in this paper:

where you can find graph regarding the corrosion resistance of SS316 and other materials in an environments without oxygen (see the graph at page 3).
You can find other guidelines also on NACE / ISO 15156 part 3 (CRA Alloys)