About Jim


Construction is something that runs in my family, and is a job that I was born to do. Having been in the industry for more than 20 years, I have worked at every angle of the construction industry. In order to solidify my place in the industry, I had to work my way from the bottom, exercising the utmost in work ethics.

After retiring from construction work, I focused on the administrative side of construction, learning the ins and outs of what goes into a construction company from the inside. I learned that the back end is not only just as difficult as the actual construction work, but more than meets the eye goes on behind the scenes.

Knowing both the front end and back end work that goes into construction has given me the opportunity to share what I know about the industry with my readers. Join me as I cover what goes into construction and how it affects us in our everyday life. Welcome to Corrosionist, it’s good to have you.