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The internet is full of information about Corrosion, Corrosion Prevention and Control, Cathodic Protection, Materials Selection, Rust & Welding.

The scope of this site is to give you a starting point and a wise guide when searching for information about Corrosion, Rust & Materials.

You can use the Search Engine above to make a search on a selected number of sites and obtain only the most  relevant results. If the results do not appear please reload the page.

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Tip of the week

Every week we give you a tip on how to select materials.

Copper-Nickel Alloys in Marine Environments -An interactive presentation on Copper-Nickel Alloys properties, corrosion resistance and applications in marine environments. Find more tips.


Definition of Corrosion

Corrosion of Metals can be defined as the destructive attack of a metal through interaction with its environment. see more definition

Materials Selection Guidelines

If you need to select a material for a specific application you can start from a guideline that gives you an overview of the corrosion mechanisms and applicable materials. In this area of our website you can find some of the most useful documents available on the net on Material Selection. see more materials selection guidelines

Want to write for Corrosionist?

We are always looking for interesting and useful information on Corrosion. If you have something to share, articles or papers, or you want to write a new page of our website on a specific topic please contact us, see more.

How We Can Help The Planet Go Green?

What we can do as corrosionist to help our planet go green? Produce more green and renewable energy? Reduce the CO2 released in the environment? Join us and share your knowledge.

Here's a selection of papers, articles on how we can contribute, read more.

Tools for Material Selection

There are several tools that can help you in selecting a material for a specific application and environment. You can try with on of these free online tools: tools for materials selection

Free Webinar

Free webinar are available on the internet, you can find here some of the most interesting and useful. If you want to stay updated follow us on twitter or if you want to share an interesting webinar please send us an email.


Here are some of the most interesting videos found on the net. see more videos

Corrosionist Media Partner of has been selected as media partner of EUROCORR 2012, organized by the EFC, and many other important summit organized by IQPC, The Energy Exchange and Fleming Gulf. If you are interested in a partnership with our website contact us.

Shutdowns and Turnarounds for Oil and Gas

Corrosion Management Summit 2013

IQPC Corrosion City Gas Asia 2013

eurocorr 2012

corrosion management asia 2012


Pipelines India Corrosion Summit

Fresh ideas&news for your mind

Bored of browsing the net looking for ideas, news, something interesting for your mind? Here is a selection of interesting websites that are not related to corrosion & materials.


There are several websites on the net about corrosion & materials, some are good, some are useful, a lot are useless. We have created a corrosion directory with a list of what we think are the most useful and interesting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most frequently asked questions on Corrosion?

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