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What is the Best Rust Remover?

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What is the Best Rust Remover?

Several standard mechanical and chemical methods are available for corrosion and rust removal from metal.

Mechanical Rust remover methods include hand sanding using abrasive material, abrasive paper, or metal wool; and powered mechanical sanding, grinding, and buffing, using  abrasive mat, grinding wheels, sanding discs, and abrasive rubber mats.

The method used to remove rust from metal depends upon the metal and degree of corrosion.

One of the most familiar kinds of corrosion is red iron rust.

Red iron rust results from atmospheric oxidation of steel surfaces.

Some metal oxides protect the underlying base metal, but red rust is not a protective coating.

Its presence actually promotes additional attack by attracting moisture from the air and acts as a catalyst to promote additional corrosion.

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